Handling new leads should only be simple

CRMs have become too complicated for a lot businesses making handling new leads difficult. Lucid fixes this, making new leads simple, fast and convenient for all businesses.

How it works

Collecting your new business leads is easy with Lucid. Create a new source using Lucid's user interface, then add it to your site using our library: Lucid.js or with a simple HTML form.

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Create your new form (Lucid calls these Sources).

Choose between a Lucid form that uses our JavaScript library called Lucid.js or a simple HTML form that you have to code yourself.

Add it to your website

Add Lucid.js or your HTML to your site. And direct it to your newly created source.

Let Lucid do the rest

Lucid will capture your source submissions, create new contacts and notify you when you have a new lead.

Simple to Use

Once you have added your source to your website, you can easily manage your leads, contacts and grow your business.

Manage your contacts

Manage and grow your contacts so that you can grow your business and establish a trusting customer base.

Customise your Reply page

Every Source has a reply page that allow your contacts to respond to your messages. You can completely customise this to match your branding.

Never miss a Submission

Every time someone submits one of your forms whether you use it for new clients, support, or complaints, it will be sent securely to Lucid's servers and available for you to view and respond to.

Straightforward Pricing

Unlimited Leads

Unlimited Sources

Automatic Form Rendering

First class support

£10 /mo

per user

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Annual Pricing

Make a single payment per year and receive a 15% discount.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Lucid a CRM?

Yes and no. Lucid behaves sort of like a CRM as it stores data on your customers / clients / contacts. However, Lucid is more focussed on receiving business leads, managing them leads and helping you grow your business.

Do I need to setup mail records?

No. Lucid was built so that you don't need to configure mail records. Lucid allows your contacts to reply to your messages on your customised secure Reply page. And you can customise the emails Lucid sends to your contacts to match your brand, so everything looks like it is from your company without having to mess around with mail records.

Why should I use Lucid?

Lucid was built by the small team at Render Labs and is built with care, consideration and purpose. It was built for small businesses and one-man bands like us to have a fast and reliable way for us to manage our business leads and grow our businesses. If like us, you're a small company trying to grow your business then Lucid may be great for you.

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