Getting Started

Getting started with Lucid is really simple and you can start receiving submissions on your site in a couple of minutes.

Signing up and joining a team

You can easily sign up for Lucid here. If you're creating team you will need to click the 'Create Team' button, enter your team details and then enter your payment information. If you are joining a team, you will need to click the 'Join Team' button and then enter the team credentials which you can get from your team owner.

Editing your Contact fields

Your contact fields are the fields for each contact that you want Lucid to store data on. By default Lucid will store name, email, and phone for each contact. You can add as many custom fields as you like.

Creating a Source

To create a source you need to fill out some basic information relating to the new source, you will then be able to add any extra fields that you want the form to display on your website. By default, Lucid will add all the custom fields you added to your contacts, you can remove these if you like or add new custom fields. Once you have set all the fields for your source you can click 'Create' and then move onto adding your new source to your website.

Adding Lucid to your website

Once you have created a new source, you will be able taken to the page for that newly created source. On that page you will be shown 3 steps to add your source (form) to your website.

Replying to Leads

Once you receive a new lead from one of your sources you will be notified of it by an automated email from Lucid. If you click the link in the email, you will be directed to the page for that lead. You will then be able to enter a response for that lead on the page, the contact will then notified with your response.