What is Lucid?

Lucid is a lead management tool. Essentially, you add a form to your website that you want to receive potential business leads from, Lucid will collect and store these leads along with the contact details. You can then respond to these leads using Lucid and the person who submitted the lead can reply to you using Lucid.

Lucid can also be used to support any type of form submissions, not just business leads. If you want to use it for support enquiries you can.

The page where contacts can reply to your response for a specific lead is called 'Reply', easy to remember, right? Each lead has an individual Reply page, which you can style to suit your brand. You can read more about Reply here


When you sign up for Lucid you can either create a team or join a team. If you create a team, you will be responsible for paying for that team's billing. If you join a team you will just need the team credentials, you will be able to get these from the team owner who is responsible for billing.

At the moment, you can only be a member of one team.


Sources belong to a team and are essentially a form (chatbots are coming soon). To create a source, you need to give it a name, type which will be form, and enter the domain where this form will be submitted from and add any custom fields you want to be displayed on the form.

The Reply page for each lead that belongs to a source can be customised to suit your brand by uploading your logo and setting your brand colours. Additionally, for each source you can customise any emails that are sent to your contacts to suit your brand colours.


Every source (form) submission is called a lead with Lucid. With each lead Lucid will store the information submitted and information about the contact who submitted it. You will be notified by Lucid as soon as you receive a new lead so that you can respond to your potential new customer as soon as possible.


Reply is how your contacts can respond to your answers for each lead. You don't need to configure Mail records, your contacts can just head to the Reply page for their lead and then submit a reply to any of your responses, or even ask you a new question if they want.

You can read more about Reply here. And, if you'd like to view a demo Reply page you can see it in action here.


A contact is a person who has made a submission to one of your sources. Lucid collect some data by default and you can customise what other data you would like to collect and specify which data is collected by which source.